7 Best Tattoo Ideas For Women

Tattoos are high in trends these days. Now day’s celebrities are dipped in all kinds of tattoos attracting a big number of guys and girls. Traditionally tattoos were engraved with needles and ink with a purpose to associate oneself with a group or society. In modern terms, tattoos have come a long way. Both guys and girls find it alluring.  Tattoos are more personalized now, it is meant to show one’s own self, their beliefs, their strength and their likings through tattoos on their bodies. Most of the tattoos symbolize something meaningful. It helps to add meaning to the life. Flaunting your cute tattoo is flaunting your real attitude to the world, If you are looking for getting a tattoo, here are 7 exotic tattoo ideas for women.

Best Tattoo Ideas For Women

1. Beautiful star tattoos

Stars keep the live magic in our lives. Stars are also symbols of aspiration and dreams. Star tattoo is for dreamers. Creating a star tattoo on your wrist, neck, feet or at the back brings beauty as well as show that your as aspirant, you have heart to follow your dreams.

Best Tattoo Ideas For Women

2. Lace tattoos

It is another kind of attractive tattoos. These types of tattoos are loved by ladies. It’s tattoo cum your fixed ornaments. Creating beautiful and classy chains of butterflies or hearts or smiley’s or you can even create your own imaginations. Such tattoos look really beautiful on ankles, wrists and necks. It turns up amazingly.

Best Tattoo Ideas For Women


3. Quote tattoos

Tattoos are not only to show off it can also be a motivational factor for your life. You can always get text and quote. It could be a tattoo that motivates you, inspires you to progress in your life. This suits best on your arm, forearm and hand where you can easily feel the power of your tattoo.

Best Tattoo Ideas For Women

4. Flower in your tattoos

Feminism is connected with flowers, Women are really fond of flowers. It brings happiness to them. Usually young girls like to get tattooed with flowers roses, lotus, tulips and hibiscus on their back, neck, and wrist and even on feet. It looks cute and vibrant.

Best Tattoo Ideas For Women

5. Musical notes tattoos

If you are a big fan of music you can show your passion to the world. These tattoos establish a link between music and you. You can get musical notes or your musical instrument tattooed on your upper arms, at lower back, or shoulder and on fingers even.

Best Tattoo Ideas For Women

6. Initial’s Tattoos

Everyone loves their names, It is their identity in the world. Many ladies opt for their initials at the tattoos. It shows their individualities. Usually women also go for tattooing their initials along with their partner’s initial’s symbolizing their love and togetherness. You can go in for such tattoos at special body parts including behind ear, neck, between the fingers and lower backs.

7. Angel tattoos

Girls are believed to be linked with beautiful carefree angles. Girls opt for beautiful angle tattoos symbolizing beauty, happiness and care free attitude. Such tattoos suits best on shoulders, neck, back and toes.

Best Tattoo Ideas For Women