The Worst Serial Killers of All Time

List of some worst serial killers of all time. These serial killers are on the list because most of their victims were either innocent or the Way they tortured or killed their victims were too horrific.

Disclaimer-We don’t Guarantee about the Authenticity of any Number and incidents.

The Worst Serial Killers of All Time

11.Javed Iqbal(Pakistan) – Killed about 100 People
He confessed to Killing of 100 Boys of age between 6 and 16. Most of them were Orphans or Runaway from home living on streets of Lahore, By writing a Letter to the police and a Lahore newspapers chief news editor khawar naeem hashmi. In his letter he claimed to have strangled and dismembered the victims and disposed of their bodies using vats of hydrochloric acid.
However he disappeared after writing the letter but was later arrested by the police and he claimed that this all were Hoax and he is innocent in the Court, Although Court found him guilty of Child Sex Abuse and Murder and was given Death Penalty but later he committed suicide in Jail on 8th october 2001 with his accomplice Sajid Ahmad.

10.Pedro Rodrigues Filho(Brazil) – Killed over 100 People
Pedro Rodrigues was a Brazilian serial killer. He was convicted and sentenced to 128 years in Jail, Although according to the Brazilian Laws the maximum Jail sentence can only be of 30 Years.
He claimed to killed over 100 people in which 40 of them were his Inmates.
The First person he killed was his Cousin at the age of 13 during a Fight, Later at the age of 14 he killed the vice-Mayor of Alfenas, Minas Gerais because he fired his Father(Who was a school Guard) as an accuse of Stealing the school’s Kitchen food, Later he killed a Guard Most Probably the real thief.

9.Hermann Webster Mudgett(USA) – Killed over 200 People
Hermann Webster Mudgett also known as H.H.Holmes was a Doctor by profession. He had a castle in Chicago which was fully equipped for Murder,Torture and dissecting his victims and disposing the bodies of victims.
The Victims were Women, and according to the neighbors they never saw the same Women again who entered in the House. The Killings were done between 1888 and 1894 and Later after being arrested by the police he confessed to 27 killing and 9 were proved in the court for which he was found guilty and was punished by Death Sentence however it’s believed that the Victims were around 200.

worst serial killers

8.Hu Wanlin(China) – Killed over 196 People
Expert in Chinese Ancient Medicine,he posed as a doctor. He was sentenced for 15 Years of imprisonment on 1st october 2000 for 3 deaths however authorities believe that he was responsible for about 196 deaths,20 in Taiyuan,146 in Shanxi and 30 in Shangqui.

worst serial killers

7.Gilies De Rais(France) – Killed Over 200 People
A Wealthy french aristocrat,Committed Murder during his Black Magic Rituals. He was Charged with a catalogue of crimes that included the conjuration of Demons,he was tried,tortured and found guilty. He was strangled and his body was burnt at Nantes on 25 october 1440.

6.Henry Lee Lucas(USA) – Killed Over 600 People
He admitted for almost about 600 Murders in which most of the Killings were done with his Partner-in-crime Ottis Toole,But Later recanted his confessions. He died while on Death Row in Huntsville Prison,Texas.
However he was Convicted for 11 killings.

5.Luis Alferdo Garavito(Colombia) – Killed Over 300 People
In 1999 he admitted that he killed about 147 People and even some of the victims were raped before the killings, However it was found that he had almost killed 300 people,He was labelled by the Local media as the “Worst Serial killer of the World” and is now serving his Jail term of 22 years in Jail.

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4.Dr. Harold Shipman(UK) – Killed Over 250 People
Doctor by profession was found guilty of Murders of His 15 Women Patients,However the official enquiry into his crime put the figure about 218 and some other authorities claim the Number to be about 400.
He hanged himself in his prison on 13 January 2004.

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3.Pedro Alonso Lopez(Colombia) – killed over 300 People
Captured in 1980,Lopez nicknamed the “Mosnter of the Andes”,led police to 53 graves but confessed to killing at least 300 in colombia,Ecuador and peru between 1969-1980 most of the victims were women and were Raped before killing and some of them were 8-10 Year old girls. He is thought to have served 14 Years of a 16 years sentence before being released by the equadorian government on “good behaviour”.His Current Whereabouts are Unknown.

2.Countess Erszebet Bathory(Hungary) – Killed over 650 people
In the period up to 1610 in Hungary,Bathory known as “Countess Dracula” was alleged to have murdered between 300 and 650 girls in the belief that drinking their blood would prevent her from ageing,She was eventually arrested in 1611,tried and found guilty,she died on 21 August 1614,Walled up in her own Castle.

1.Thug Behram(India) – Killed 931 Poeple
He was Leader of thug Cult in India which is reckoned to be responsible for thousands of killings in the end on 18th and starting of 19th century in India,During his trial he was found to be guilty of about 931 Killing mostly by ritual strangulation with the cult’s traditional cloth,known as Ruhmal between 1790 and 1830, he was executed by Hanging in 1840.