Different Types of Ear Piercings For Girls and Guys

Before We get into on the topic different types of ear piercings, we will look into the history of piercing and it’s origin here.

Piercing is one of the oldest  and common tradition in the Human history,and was popular  in almost every civilization on this earth,getting pierced at different body parts is common and exists from thousands of years,Earlier piercing was used to be done using traditional needles( too much painful and lots of other problems) however now piercing is done using Piercing Guns(much better and safe),the oldest known mummy with ear piercing was the 5,300 year-old “Ötzi the Iceman” found in a glacier in Austria,The body had an ear piercing of about 7-11 mm diameter and the oldest earring was found  in a grave date to 2500 BCE at the Sumerian city of Ur, home of the Biblical patriarch Abraham.

Here we have the list of some most common and popular types of ear piercings, there are lots of different types of ear piercings however we will not be listing all types of ear piercings here,some of the ear piercingss are too common and you will see that every second girl/woman have that,although it’s not that ear piercing is only common between females only, it’s also common between male from almost 500+ years,you can’t differentiate ear piercings like  types of ear piercing for guys and types of ear piercing for girls ,as ear piercing has nothing to do with gender.

Top 10 Different Types of Ear Piercings

10.Daith Piercing

types of ear piercingDaith piercing is done at the inner cartilage of ear.
Note:Don’t confuse Daith piercing with Rook piercing as there is a little difference between both,you will observe it by looking at both the images carefully.

9.Rook piercing

Types of Ear Piercing
Rook piercing is done at the folded inner rim where the inner and outer conch are separated,it’s one of the most painful piercing as the piercing involves lots of tissues and even it’s not necessary that it will look good on everyone as it’s highly depended on the look and structure of your ears.

8.Snug Piercing

Types of Ear PiercingIn Snug piercing also known as Anti-helix Piercing,the piercing is done at the inner cartilage of the ear,the piercing is not that common and doesn’t looks that good also as only micro-jewellery can only be used and i think the piercing is much more painful as compare to others piercings.

7.Antitragus Piercing

Types of Ear PiercingAntitragus piercing is done at the inner ear cartilage across from the tragus,Although the piercing isn’t that common.

6.Tragus Piercing

Types of Ear PiercingTragus piercing is done at the little fleshy part of the ear canal,although it’s not common and you might be irritated while wearing anything at this position and mostly if you use earphones.

5.Industrial Piercing

Types of Ear Piercing

Source- http://www.jcolbysmith.com/2009/10/portfolio.html

Industrial Piercing also known as Scaffold piercing,In this type of piercing there are two pierces done on the cartilages or helix in the upper part of ear opposite to each other.
The image shown below is an Example of Chain industrial Piercing (Isn’t that cool?).

4.Conch Inner Piercing

Types of Ear PiercingConch inner piercing is done at the center of the ear’s cartilage means exactly at the center of ear,however there are two types of Inner conch piercings and outer conch piercing.
Be careful if you use earphones.

3.Transverse Lobe Piercing

Types of Ear PiercingTransverse Lobe Piercing also known as Horizontal Lobe Piercing  is done at the ear’s lobe horizontally.

2.Helix Piercing

types of ear piercings

In helix piercing the cartilage at the upper part of ear is punctured to place an ear-ring there,The piercing looks attractive and can look much better and gorgeous for girls if they have ear rings like in the below image,the image below isn’t actually a Helix piercing but where the upper part of ear-ring is placed is the Helix piercing and the lower part of the ear is being placed at Lobe piercing.

1.Lobe Piercing

Types of Ear PiercingLobe piercing is the most common piercing and I think the best place to have an ear-ring,the ear-ring looks amazing and beautiful here.
Lobe is the softest and most probably the largest part in ear and getting pierced is much less painful as compare to other piercings.

Personally I think if you love Jewelleries,you should consider getting pierced at more than 1 place as you get a chance to use different types of ear rings,and you also have option to try more and more varieties which also gives you option to wear different ear rings simultaneously which might look beautiful in you, as shown in below image(Looks beautiful?).
Although it’s not necessary that if a ear piercing looks good in someone will surely look good in you also,be careful while getting your ear pierced.

types of ear piercing

Obviously there are some more types of ear piercing too,which are not mentioned here,By the way which is your favorite ear piercing?

World Record of Piercings – Elaine Davidson of Scotland holds the Guinness World Record for most permanent piercings,she had almost 6,005 piercings in her body and is known as the “Most Pierced Woman” and Luis Antonio Agüero is the “Most Pierced Man” with 230 permanent piercings(175 rings adorning his face alone).
Originally Written by- Ritu Singh