Top 10 Brave Soldiers of Indian Army

Disclaimer-By This article We are not insulting someone’s sacrifice,Thousands of soldiers have sacrificed their lives while protecting the Land and while fighting for Mother India and each and every one of them deserves respect by each and every citizen of India.We are just listing some of the Courageous acts of Indian Soldiers while in the war you can also assume by this list that we are listing  Top 10 Bravest soldiers of the Indian army however the sentence “Top 10 Bravest Act by Indian Army Soldiers” is more appropriate-

Top 10 Bravest Act by Indian Army Soldiers-

10.Sepoy Kanshi Ram– Sepoy Kanshi Ram was manning a post in the Tsengjong area NEFA in the 1962 war. When the Chinese attacked this posting October, 1962, he was guarding it with a light machine gun. There were 500 Chinese soldiers ranged against him, but Kanshi Ram fought on determinedly, killing several of them. The Chinese attacked a second time, with heavy mortar support and Kanshi Ram though wounded,fought on bravely. A Chinese officer along with four other ranks approached close to Sepoy Kanshi Ram and shouted to his men in the trench to surrender.
Sepoy Kansi Ram shouted back at them to surrender. By this time, his ammunition was nearly finished, but he hurled a grenade and killed the enemy officer and three other ranks.In the meantime, other Chinese soldiers closed in on him and one of them tried to snatch away his light machine gun, while another fired an automatic rifle at him wounding him again. Despite his injuries, he held onto his gun and pushed the Chinese so skillfully that they fell down and then sepoy grabbed a loaded automatic riffle from the enemy and came back to his platoon with this rifle, as well as his own light machine gun. It was the first enemy weapon captured by the 7 infantry brigade.And for this Gallant act he Was honored with Mahaveer Chakra.

Sub Kanshi Ram

9.Naik Jadu Nath Singh-Soldier from 1st Battalion, Rajput Regiment (now 4 Guards(1 Rajput)),On 6th feb 1948 he was commanding a forward post at picket No.2 at Taindhar with his 9 men when the enemy made successive attack to capture the post but Naik Jadu Nath singh displayed great valour & superb leadership and used his small force of 9 people in such a manner that enemy was confused,Later his 4 soldiers were wounded but still he managed re-organize his force,Now once again the enemy attacked on the post to capture it until now all the Indian soldier including Naik Jadu Nath sigh were wounded but Naik Jadu Nath singh shown great courage and took over the Bren gun from the wounded Bren-gunner until now the enemy was right on the walls of the post but Naik JaduNath singh started the devastating firing encouraging his soldiers to fight the enemy which changed the certain defeat into victory and once again the post was saved from enemies but until now all the indian soldiers were turned into casualties and once again the enemy attacked on the post and Naik jadunath singh alone was their to fight with the enemy,he came out of the Sangar firing his sten gun charged on the advancing enemy and Naik JaduNath singh met a gallant death,and for this gallant act he was awarded with Param Veer Chakra.


8.Naib Subedar Chuni Lal-Soldier of 8th Battalion, Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry has been awarded with Sena Medal,Veer Chakra and Ashok Chakra for his gallant acts during different operations while serving the Nation and Mother India,He participated in the operation to capture the Bana post in siachen for which he was awarded with Sena Medal(Gallantry) in 1987,In 1999 in poonch sector during operation Rakshak he killed 12 intruders and saved the post from enemy for which he was awarded with veer Chakra,He had also served in the united nation Peace keeping Forces twice in Somalia and Sudan,Display of exemplary courage by his team in Sudan won his unit a UN citation for valour.On June 24 2007 he was commanding a post in Kupwara when he detected some movements across the LOC and an operation was started to kill the Terrorists in the gunfire two of the Indian soldiers were injured and lay close to where their attackers hid,Without thinking about personal safety Nb Sub Chuni lal crawled to the injured soldier and saved their life until now two terrorists were killed but anticipating more hidden attackers, he continued to search the area and he found the third terrorist and Sub. Chuni Lal charged on him and killed him but in this fire exchange he suffered injury and he began to lose lot of blood but he continued to command the operation and two more terrorist were killed under his command and for this gallant act he was awarded with the Highest Peace time Gallantry award Ashok Chakra.


7.Lance Naik (LCpl) Albert Ekka-While he was posted in the 14th Battalion of Brigade of the Guards,which was tasked to capture an pakistani position in Gangasagar during the 1971war India-pakistan war,while moving towards the pakistani post his company was soon under intense shelling and heavy small-arms fire,but still they continued but soon the Indian troops have to bear huge casualties because of one LMG being firing from the one of the pakistani Bunker but despite of personal safety L/Nk Albert Ekka charged on the enemy bunker bayoneting two enemy soldiers and silenced the LMG,though now he was seriously injured he continued to fight with enemy and cleared bunkers one by one located in the area of 1.5 Km when they met with an MMG firing from an second storey of an building and once against disregrad of his own safety he charged on the bunker and attacked on the enemy killing one enemy soldier and injuring the other but still the MMG was firing,Ekka scaled a side wall, entered the bunker, bayoneted the enemy soldier holding the MMG nest, and silenced the MMG.And by this he saved his fellow soldiers from the MMG and ensured that the mission will be completed but he lost his live and this Gallant act was rewarded with Param Veer Chakra.


6.Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey-Soldier from 1/11 Gurkha Rifles of Indian Army,Inspiration for Thousands of Indian Army Aspirants participated in various operation during the Operation Vijay in 1999 Kargil war and completed the operations successfully,Captain Pandey was tasked to clear the interfering enemy positions to prevent his battalion from getting day lighted, being in a vulnerable position. He quickly moved his platoon to an advantageous position under intense enemy fire, sent one section to clear the enemy positions from the right and himself proceeded to clear the enemy positions from the left. Fearlessly assaulting the first enemy position, he killed two enemy personnel and destroyed the second position by killing two more. He was injured on the shoulder and legs while clearing the third position. Undaunted and without caring for his grievous injuries, he continued to lead the assault on the fourth position urging his men and destroyed the same with a grenade, even as he got a fatal burst on his forehead.Finally his company captured the Position and Captain Pandey Gallant act was recognize by awarding him Param Veer Chakra.


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5.Naib Subedar Yogendra Singh Yadav-Grenadier Yogendra Singh yadav soldier from the platoon “Ghatak” of 18th Grenadiers,the Platoon was tassed to capture the Tiger Hill on 2/3 july 1999 during Kargil war,Grenadies without thinking of his personal safety voluteered to lead and fix the rope so that the soldiers can climb up,on seeing the soldiers forwarding the enemy started firing on the Indian soldiers and artillery shelling was started killing the commander and two other soldiers,realising the situation grenadier Yadav crawled up to silence the enemy and during this he was injured seriously,Unmindful of his wounds and injuries he continued to climb up firing from his weapon and throwing grenades towards the enemy killing four enemy soldiers and silenced the automatic firing despite of his injuries he refused to evacuate and after seeing his Gallant act Platoon charged on the other positions and captured the top of tiger hill for his gallant act he was Awarded with Param Veer Chakra.


4.Havildar Abdul Hamid-Havildar Abdul Hamid was an soldier of 4th Battalion, The Grenadiers of the Indian Army,Which was participating in operation in khemkaran During 1965 war of India-pakistan,on september 8 Pakistanis attacked in the sector with an tank regiment having Patton Tanks that day Hav Abdul Hamid Fought bravely and destroyed two Patton Tanks and the battalion successfully saved the defensive position ,Later on septemeber 10 once again the enemy attacked with Patton tanks supported by artillery When Abdul Hamid saw that the enemy is moving towards the Defensive position with patton tanks,after observing the situation he moved out to a flank with his gun mounted on a jeep under the heavy artillery shelling and firing from the enemy side and destroyed 3 Patton tanks using the gun mounted on the jeep and sacrificed his life for the Nation and Later Hav. Abdul Hamid was Awarded with Param Veer Chakra for his gallant act.


3.Captain Gurbachan Singh Salaria-Soldier of 3rd Battalion, 1st Gorkha Rifles (The Malaun Regiment) of Indian Army was serving in the United nation Peace keeping Force in Congo during 1961,on 5 December 1961 a  company of Gurkha rifles attacked on a road block established by the Katangese troops, between HQ Katanga command and the Elisabethville airfield at a strategic roundabout,the enemy road block was destroyed and the Company of 1/3 Gurkha successfully established a UN road block their,when Cap. Salaria with his platoon of 16 soldier tried to Link up with the company to reinforce but he met strong opposition in the old airfield area.the enemy was equipped with Armoured cars and 90 men with Heavy Automatic weapons then Cap Salaria decided to attack on the Enemy and the soldiers of Gurkha rifles attacked on the enemy with bayonets, khukris and hand-grenades with the help of an rocket launcher,In the attacks Cap. Salaria and the 16 soldiers of the Gurkha rifles killed 40 soldiers of the enemy however in this exchange of fire capt. salaria was injured as his neck was burst by enemy automatic fire but due to his courageous act the enemy was demoralized he continued to fight with the enemy ignoring the injuries but later he died due to excessive bleeding and for his gallant act he was awarded with Param Veer Chakra.


2.Company Havildar Major Piru Singh Shekhawat-Hav. Piru Singh was an soldier of 6th Battalion,Rajputana Rifles of Indian Army,His Company was ordered to capture an hill during the 1947-48 war of India-pakistan as they moved towards the enemy they were under attack from the enemy with MMG and Grenades at that time he was with most forward section of the company by this time half of his section was either killed or wounded but he did not loses his courage and with Battle cries he charged on the enemy bunker encouraging the remaining soldier of the section and made the nearest MMG silent until now he was injured but still disregard of his personal safety and ignoring the injuries he continued to fight,he also observed that now he is only survivor from his section as all the other soldiers from his section were either killed or injured but he continued once again a grenade thrown at him wounded him in the face. With blood dripping from his face wounds in his eyes, he crawled out of the trench, hurling grenades at the next enemy position  and killed two more enemies and then moved towards the third bunker now he was hit in the head by a bullet and was seen dropping on the edge of the enemy trench. There was an explosion in the trench, which showed that his grenade had done its work. By then Company Havildar Major Piru Singh’s wounds had proved fatal.
He was an example of Singular Bravery who fought with the enemy and left an unique example of bravery for the rest of his fellow soldiers and comrades.


1. 2/Lieutenant Arun Khetarpal-Soldier of the 17 Poona Horse of Indian Army,Was an newly Commissioned Officer.On 16 December 1971, the Squadron Commander of ‘B’ Squadron, the Poona Horse asked for reinforcement as the Pakistani Armour which was superior in strength, counter attacked at Jarpal, in the Shakargarh Sector. On hearing this transmission, Second Lieutenant Arun Khetarpal who was in ‘A’ Squadron, voluntarily moved along with his troop, to assist the other squadron. En route, while crossing the Basantar River, Second Lieutenant Arun Khetarpal and his troop came under fire from enemy strong points and RCL gun nests that were still holding out. Time was at a premium and as critical situation was developing in the ‘B’ Squadron sector, Lieutenant Arun Khetarpal, threw caution to the winds and started attacking the impending enemy strong points by literally charging them, overrunning the defence works with his tanks and capturing the enemy infantry and weapon crew at pistol point. In commander of his troop was killed. Second Lieutenant Arun Khetarpal continued to attack relentlessly until all enemy opposition was overcome and he broke through towards the ‘B’ Squadron position, just in time to see the enemy tanks pulling back after their initial probing attack on this squadron. He was so carried away by the wild enthusiasm of battle and the impetus of his own headlong dash that he started chasing the withdrawing tanks and even managed to shoot and destroy one. Soon thereafter, the enemy reformed with a squadron of armour for a second attack and this time they selected the sector held by Second Lieutenant Arun Khetarpal and two other tanks as the points for their main effort. A fierce tank fight ensured ten enemy tanks were hit and destroyed of which Second Lieutenant Arun Khetarpal was severely wounded,and he was asked by his superiors to destroy his tank but he replied “No Sir, I will not abandon my tank. My gun is still working and I will get these bastards.” and continued to attack and destroyed another enemy tank, At this stage his tank received a second hit which resulted in the death of this gallant officer.
And None of the enemy tank was able to cross the sector and able to enter in India,This was an act of courage and self-sacrifice far beyond the call of duty and for his gallant act he was awarded with Param veer Chakra.
He is considered as one of the Great Martyr who sacrificed his life for Mother India and in his honor the Indian Military academy has named their auditorium Khetarpal where all the newly commission officer take oath,and the main Entrance of IMA has also been named on his name,National Defense Academy named one of the Ground on his name,His tank was later restored by the Indian Army and is kept at the Armoured Corps Centre And School Ahmednagar.


This was just an list of 10 brave soldiers  of Indian army,their are lots of others who fought for Mother India,For the nation,Do you have some inspirational,Gallant act of soldiers,share with us and others using the comment section below.

Name of Some Soldiers who are Not so popular as they should be(You can help us in expanding this list by suggesting the names via the comment section below with some details about them)-

Digendra Kumar(Mahaveer Chakra)