How To Save Water At Home With These Simple Tips

79% of the earth is covered by water means we have enough water but that doesn’t means that we can use the whole water only 1% of the water can be used by Human being for it’s survival and existence and we know that we can’t live without water and as we have only 1% of water we can assume that Water is a Non-Renewable source of the earth. Which is decreasing day by day and if it continues in the same manner, a day will be their when their will be no water on the earth. Therefore it’s Important for us that we should Save Water and should motivate others to save water. So,Here in this article we will be sharing some of the best ways to Save water at home where you use the water mostly in different ways.

Save Water at home

Save Water At Home

  1. Use Shower while bathing avoid using Buckets and other ways for bathing, it saves a lot of water. Make sure the flow of water through shower is not too high.
  2. Check for Leakages regularly and specially on plumbing  joints and fix them if their are any leakages.
  3. Use Buckets While washing Car or any other of your vehicles, Using Hose wastes a huge amount of water.
  4. Don’t water your Garden plants in the day or in the morning, water them in the evening so that the water get socks in the overnight. If you water plants in morning, Most probably the water will be evaporated.
  5. Don’t throw away the water used to wash the vegetables or water used in such type of activities, You can reuse them in your garden. (Their are lots of ways to use them, Just you have to be creative for that)
  6. Dripping taps are also a wastage of water, we ignore them thinking that a drop doesn’t matter. It’s not about a drop, if you will calculate you will be shocked that more then 100 liters are wasted by this in a year.
  7. Check the water flow in your every tap, Make sure it’s not too high this wastes a lot of water (approximately half of the water you use).
  8. Run only full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher.
  9. Save the water while Raining season, You can make a tank for that(You can use the water for your garden and for lots of other activities).
  10. Think Before using water.

Must read and inspire others to save water using Save Water Slogans.

Do you have any good idea/ways to save water and reuse them, If you have share with us and others using the comment section below….Your Every Idea will contribute in saving water……