Top 10 Famous Advertising Slogans

Popular and famous Advertising Slogans-Advertising Slogans are one of the best way to influence your customers as slogans are short and you can easily convey a message through the slogans to your customers.Obviously creating an attractive and catchy slogan is not an easy task one needs to be a brilliant and should have superb intelligence and creativity to create attractive and easy slogans which attracts the customers,and obviously slogans tells about your brand……So here in this article we will see some of the best slogans which are popular and everyone loves them.

Popular Advertising Slogans-

1.“I’m Lovin’ It” by McDonaldsI’m lovin’ it the current International branding campaign by McDonalds was created by  Heye & Partner, McDonald’s agency(Germany) Initially it was launched in german language “ich liebe es” in  Munich, Germany on September 2, 2003,later it was launched in Australia on September 21, 2003, the UK on September 17, 2003, and in the USA on September 29, 2003.From that time it had gained popularity and now its a Slogan which represents McDonalds.


2. “Finger Lickin’ Good” by KFC– “Finger Lickin Good” is the most popular advertising slogan of KFC it was originated in 1950,However there is a nice story behind this phrase.During an TV advertisement featuring Dave Harman (brother of Pete) in the background licking his fingers, a viewer phoned the station to complain and said that someone in the background licking his fingers,a KFC manager called Ken Harbough, responded: “Well, its finger lickin’ good.” and later it became a Famous slogan of KFC.

KFC finger lickin good

3.“Soon there will be 2 kinds of people, those who use computers and those who use Apples” by Apple-This slogans was introduced in the early 1980s by Apple and they proved it when they launched iMac in the 90s,really it was so successful and people were so passionate about its look that they loved to use it and bought it by paying more much than a normal computer,Just beause of its look.

apple advertising slogan

4.“Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat” by Kit Kat– The tagline was introduced in 1958 by Donald Gilles, an executive at JWT Orland,this is their worldwide advertising tagline which is still in use by them.

have a break have a kitkat

5.“The pause that refreshes” 1929 by Coca Cola-The tagline was introduced in 1929 and Archie Lee was the person who gave this slogan,and it made the coca cola a synonymous of break,However Coca cola has changed their slogan regularly and according to regions.

the pause that refreshes

6.“There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard” 1997 by Mastercard– The slogan is a part of ongoing campaign in mastercard which is associated with the Tagline “Priceless” which is a trademark of the company.


7.“The happiest place on Earth” 1960s by Disneyland-Disneyland doesn’t needs any introduction and their characters are already popular worldwide and everyone loves them and the tagline “The Happiest place on Earth” belongs to them.


8.“We do it all for you” by McDonald’s– The Slogan was used McDonalds from 1975 to 1979,earlier from this they uses “You deserve a break today” from  1971 to 1975 and after this slogans means after 1979 they used “Nobody can do it like McDonald’s can”.

we do it all for you

9.“Connecting People” by Nokia– Connecting people was an Slogan used by Nokia to promote their mobile Phones it was introduced in 1992 by Nokia,However really speaking Nokia was synonymous of mobile devices in some countries and specially in India for some years around the last 90s and in the starting years of 21st century as they were covering an Huge part of Mobile device industry in those years,however now they  are facing an tough competition.
However they have really “Connected people” as per their slogan.


10.”Think small” by Volkswagen– The Tagline was used by Volkswagen in 1950s for their Volkswagen beetle it was created by Helmut Krone,and the campaign is considered as one of the best campaign created in 20th century and which got enough success.

think small by volkswagen

While writing this,I haven’t considered as how i am ranking….. i just done the research selected them and numbered then randomly.

Do you have some nice taglines and Slogans regarding any successful or unique campaign,then share it with us using the comment section below.