Top 10 World’s Best Intelligence Agencies 2014

List of World Best intelligence Agencies in 2014.
Every Nation Protects himself from the possible threats and enemies by any means and intelligence plays an important role in doing this,here we have a list of the Best intelligence Agencies of the world who have performed well in their services,may be you can’t be satisfy with listing but we have tried our best to be neutral while making the list.

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Top 10 World’s Best Intelligence Agencies in 2013-

10.ASIS Australia-Australian Secret Intelligence Service is an intelligence agency responsible for collecting foreign intelligence, undertaking counter-intelligence activities and cooperation with other intelligence agencies overseas,it was established in 1952.


9.FSB Russia - Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation is an Russian intelligence agency it was established in 1995,the main responsibilities of FSB are counter-intelligence, internal and border security, counter-terrorism, and surveillance as well as investigating some serious crimes.


8.BND Germany- Bundesnachrichtendienst which means Federal Intelligence Service in English is External intelligence agency of Germany,it was formed in 1956 and have done major operation they have played an important role during the Israel and Lebanon war which led to the Prisoner Swapping,it had also faced allegation of  Spying on Journalists.


7.ISI Pakistan-The Main intelligence Agency of Pakistan officially known as Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence,ISI was established in 1948 by General Robert Cawthome,ISI had done lots of major operation and had played important roles at different fronts and is known for his aggressive stand against their enemies,they have supported  the Afghan Mujahideens against USSR and later the Talibs,they had also supported the Khalistanis in India however their was a Huge failure of ISI during the 1965 Indo-Pakistan war when they failed to locate one of the Armoured Division of Indian however they were successful in Kashmir and they launched a successful “Operation Tupac” against India supporting  Terrorism in Kashmir when they failed in “operation Gibraltar” and now it’s believed that they are behind most of the terrorist attacks in India and Indian Authorities have also blamed ISI for Supporting Naxalists and North-Eastern Insurgency in India,However ISI failed to gather information about Osama Bin Laden hiding in pakistan although a section believes that they were helping Osama Bin Laden but later US Forces done a Major operation in paksitan killing Osama Bin Laden but ISI failed to know about this in advance,and they are also failing in combating existing terrorism in Pakistan.
Any Pakistani Citizen can join ISI going through a selection procedure be it a civilian or an Army personnel,However Most of the details about ISI are almost in Public Domain.

ISI Pakistan

6.DGSE France-General Directorate for External Security is France External Intelligence agency which works under the Defense of Ministry,France it was established in 1982 and its main task is Counter Intelligence and gathering Information about other Foreign Establishments,it’s believed that DGSE played an important role in coup d’état against Emperor Jean-Bédel Bokassa in the Central African Republic in September 1979 and formed a Pro-French government.They are held responsible for the failure of  operation 14 juillet.

However,Their is not too much information available in the public domain about the organization activities.Logo_DGSE

5.MSS China-Ministry of State Security of the People’s Republic of China is an Intelligence agency,their main responsibilities are counterintelligence, collection of secrets and technology from other countries, and repressing internal dissent within China.Their is not enough data about the activities of agency due to lots of restriction in the country and secrecy however lots of chinese spies have been arrested in various countries like USA,Japan and India.


4.RAW India-Research and Analysis Wing India’s External Intelligence agency was established in 1968 by its first director R N Kao after the failure of IB.They play an Important role in providing security to the Nuclear programs in India and gather information about foreign countries and their Military establishments.Until now they have successfully completed lots of operation and played important role in some of the covert operations like ELINT operations,Operation Smiling Buddha,Merger of Sikkim in India,Kahuta’s Blueprint,Operation Meghdoot,Operation Cactus,Operation Chanakya,Operation leech and played an important role in Formation of bangladesh and combating LTTE in Srilanka,helping the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan however they are have also faced criticism for the failure  during the kargil war and 2008  Mumbai attacks however they had played important role in combating terrorism in India and have caught lots of terrorists in the recent years.
However Their is not too much of information available about RAW activities in Public domain as they are kept secret by the agency,the Top Position in RAW is held by IPS,IRS and Army officers either they join the RAW on deputation for a time period or they resign from their respective cadre and join RAS cadre permanently,however there is not too much information about the recruitment of Low level officials in the agency,it’s still a secret.


3.Mossad Israel-Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations is an External Intelligence agency of Israel,MOSSAD is responsible for external Intelligence and Covert operations,Counter-Terrorism as well as protecting the jews all around the world and bringing back them to Israel if Needed(It’s Israel government policy to protect Jews all around the world).
They have Done lots of major operation which can’t be listed here and have killed numerous Enemies in covert operation,they are known for their aggressive stance against their enemies.


2.MI6 United Kingdom-Secret Intelligence Service commonly Popular as MI6(Military Intelligence,Section 6) is the intelligence Service of United Kingdom established in 1909 is responsible for Foreign Intelligence,one of the most advanced security agency and have played an important role in First and second world war and later during the Cold War,Officially there was no acknowledgement about the existence of the service until 1994.


1.CIA United State of America-Central intelligence Agency is one of the most important intelligence Agency of USA,it was established after the end of World War 2,CIA gathers information about other Government,organizations and individuals and analyze them with the help of other intelligence agencies of USA and operates covert operations on the request of US President.CIA played an Important role during the Cold war and later supported the Afghan Mujahideens against USSR,they also played an Important role during the Vietnam War.Iraq War in 2003 and recently the most covert “Operation Neptune spear” in which Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan,they have the most advance technology to spy which gives them advantage as compare to the other Intelligence agencies.
However they have also faced criticism for various failures like 9/11 attack and it had also faced serious allegation from the US Congress of lying to them and various organization have blamed them for Human Right Abuses but still in overall they have performed well and they are considered as the best intelligence agency in the World at present time.


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