Top 10 Battles that India Fought Bravely

Every country who participates in the war has to face one thing and that is death of his young soldiers. Here we will be listing some of the battles that Indian soldiers fought bravely,they lost some of these battles but they fought bravely,They Fought Till last Man,Last bullet,Here we will not be ranking the battles we will be just listing them-

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Top 10 Battles that India Fought Bravely-

Battle of Rezang La-The Battle Shown the Bravery of Indian Soldiers,they Fought till their last bullet and last man,the battle was fought between 120 soldiers of Charlie company of 13th Kumaon and Thousands of chinese soldiers who were supported by Artillery.
Chinese attacked on the Indian soldiers during the morning but they failed and the area was full of dead bodies in their first attempt but the chinese were not discouraged and made second attempt but once again they failed,Both the attacks were supported by artillery whereas Indian soldiers were not having any type of support. Now Once again third time they made an attack about 400 chinese soldiers on one of the Indian platoon with support of Mortar and artillery, and after few minutes 120 soldiers attacked on the other platoon(7) but platoon(7) managed kill most of them but until now Indian soldiers were out of ammunition and they charged on the remaining chinese soldiers and engaged them with Hand to Hand combat but every soldier of the platoon(7) were killed,and until now soldiers from platoon 8 were also killed.India lost 114 soldiers in the battle others were injured and were taken as POW(Later they escaped) but thousands of chinese were wounded or killed in the battle by this gallant Company of Indian army…May be India lost this battle but each and every soldier of indian Army fought till the last breath,till the last bullet…When India Soldiers arrived after the end of war the saw that the ammunition was over just few bullets were left with few grenades…..The commander of the Company Major Shaitan Singh Died in the battle and was awarded with Param veer chakra.
There is a small memorial at Rezangla, which reads:

How can a Man die Better than facing Fearful Odds,
For the Ashes of His Fathers and the Temples of His Gods,
To the sacred memory of the Heroes of Rezang La,
114 Martyrs of 13 Kumaon who fought to the Last Man,
Last Round, Against Hordes of Chinese on 18 November 1962.
Built by All Ranks 13th Battalion, The Kumaon Regiment

Battle of Walong-The Battle of Walong was fought during the 1962 war of India and China,the Final Battle was fought from 14th to 16th November 1962…At 9:30 a.m. on 14th November Yellow Pimple was attacked by 2 companies under Captain B.N. Singh and Major Sharma. As the valiant Kumaonis charged up, they were met by heavy artillery and machine gun fire whereas the Kumaonis were having the support of mortars,as the fire from enemy was too heavy Subedar Govind Singh charged forward with a LMG to destroy an enemy bunker. Meanwhile another enemy machine gun nest opened up on him and the brave Subedar charged that one too and destroyed it but he died in this action,After that Jemadar Trilok Singh charged on another MG nest but and met a Gallant death,Until now 20 Indian soldiers were died and two officers were injured.
The next series of attacks commenced at 6 p.m. on November 15th. It was followed by attacks every four hours with human wave tactics,However 33 men from 4th Dogra managed to get their to reinforce them,the reinforcement was not enough but still they were welcomed as they bought Ammunition and after this 4 more attacks were made by chinese but they failed each time but now Indians were running out of Ammunition and men,Later Sikhs too get involved in the battle and lost lots of soldiers in the battle,now the End of the battle was near.
On November 16th, the Chinese attacked on all forward posts,the attack was supported by artillery, mortar and machine gun fire, they attacked the 4th Sikh’s, By 0530 the Sikh positions were overrun and the remaining Sikhs were ordered to withdraw. Now the Gorkhas of D Company were the next target. Subedar Kharak Bahadur commanding the forward platoon held fire till the Chinese closed in. The subsequent firing killed 12 Chinese and wounded 15. A second attack at 0630 hrs was also beaten back. The Chinese now tried to flank the company. Seeing this, Naik Keshar Bahadur Gurung picked his Bren and moved to a vantage point from where he kept engaging the enemy till ordered to withdraw.
Later Brigade Headquarter ordered soldiers to withdraw but most of the soldiers never received this order and they kept fighting until the Last Man,Last bullet.Sikhs, Kumaonis, Gorkhas and Dogras fought till end,lots of soldiers were taken as POW by chinese.
The Chinese suffered 5 times casualties as compare to Indians,The Battle seen lots of brave soldiers who fought for the country like Subedar Govind Singh,Subedar Harnam Singh,Sub. Massa Singh,Havildar Kirpa Ram ,Lt. Yog Palta,Subedar Kharak Bahadur and lots of others who died that day while serving the Nation.

Brigadier N.C. Rawlley said, “6th Kumaon at Tri Junction fought and fought and fought till there was nothing left. After this there was eerie silence.

Battle of Walong

A memorial was erected long ago next to the airstrip with the following verses composed by a Walong veteran inscribed on it-

The sentinel hills that round us stand
bear witness that we loved our land.
Amidst shattered rocks and flaming pine
   we fought and died on Namti Plain.
O Lohit gently by us glide
pale stars above us softly shine
as we sleep here in sun and rain.

Battle of NAMKA CHU
You can Find the Whole Story Here

Battle at Lagyala Gompa-The Indo-China war was just started and was at it’s peak,when 4th Rajput Regiment was sent to NEFA from belgaum .At that time Major Trilok Nath was officiating as CO and was told that it was assigned to 65th Brigade under Brigadier G.M.Saeed. The battalion had a strength of 8 officers, 18 JCOs and 575 ORs.4th Rajput Regiment was assigned to capture left flank of the Division covering the approach from Orka La-Punsum la however the “C” Company of regiment was assigned to protect the headquarter of 4th Infantry Division soon a Permanent CO was adssigned to the Regiment Lt. Col Brahmanand Avasthy(Who was Adjutant at IMA that time he is considered to be one of the Finest officer of Indian Army).
The Other regiments who were in the same Brigade were 1st Sikh,2nd Sikh and 4th Sikh,Patrolling soldiers of 1stt Sikh LI regiments observed some movements from the other side and Later a patrol party consisting soldiers from these 3 Sikh LI Regiments totaling 200 soldiers were sent out,the patrolling team crossed the Luguthana-Kya La line and kept on moving, the patrol party planned to climb the highest peak to observe the area carefully  as it was dark they made an Defensive post there and decided to move the next morning but sadly Indian patrolling parties were unaware about the chinese patrol party who were hunting for the Indian Patrolling teams and chinese patrolling parties successfully tracked down the Indian Patrolling team and chinese asked for reinforcement and they attacked on the Indians troops and about 63 soldiers were killed or wounded in this attack and the news of this ambush stunned the Brigade HQ however Indians kept the aggressive Patrolling continue.A Party of 4th Rajput Regiment under Naib Subedar Man Singh encountered the Chinese in the Jalak Pu area however due to casualties chinese retreated from the position,until now the Core HQ and Div HQ was having frantic debates about the Sela where 4th Rajput Regiment was stationed and the HQ decided to withdraw from Sela however as 62 Inf Brigade have still to retreat therefore CO of 4th Rajput Regiment decided to defend the Bridge 1 so that the Brigade and remaining soldiers of 4th Division can retreat however 62 Inf Brigade never returned and the remaining soldiers filtered through some other route and finally 4th Rajput regiment pulled off from Sela and moved towards Phudung however in the way they were joined by some stragglers soon lots of soldiers were wounded and had to be carried by other soldiers even the CO was carrying a Medic as and they reach to Priyadung where they have to decide which road to take as there were lots of cases where Locals misguided the troops and they were caught in Ambush of Chinese Soldiers Finally Lt. Col. Avasthy and his Soldiers of 4th Rajput Regiment decided to took the road which led to Lagyala Gompa.
However there was already a group of strong 500 Chinese soldiers and a Ambush party was waiting for Indian soldiers as the soldiers of 4th Rajput Regiments arrived there they met heavy fire from chinese and soon the fight was Hand to Hand and the ground was filled with bodies about 200 chinese soldiers and 126 Indians soldiers, 100% Casualties from the Indian side either the soldiers were injured or they were killed,the Chinese Dug a Mass Grave for the Bodies and named the Soldiers on a Flattened ration tin,later the Mass Grave was found after ceasefire.
The remaining Soldiers of 4th Rajput Regiment who were coming under the command of Major Kukrety also met lots of stragglers and also were ambushed by Chinese soldiers but still they managed to came back Via Bhutan.
In the End there was No one to tell  how Lt. Col. Avasthy and his Rajputs fought till the end no one of them ever got the respect they deserved,no one of them was Honored as there was no one to write the Citations for them and who were they never did it as they were ashamed that there role might be exposed but they(Soldiers of 4th Rajput) fought till the end till they can.
The Whole battle at Lagyala Gompa was Witnessed by a Boy who later became the head lama of monastery of Lagyala Gompa.

Battle of Asal Uttar-This was one of the largest tank battles between India and Pakistan in 1965,Which started when Pakistani Armoured and infantry regiments attacked on the Indian Town Khem Karan during 1965 war and captured it,Later Indian Army regrouped and attacked on the Advancing pakistani Tanks and Soldiers on september 8 1965 and the battle continued for next 3 days and Indian Army Destroyed about 100 Pakistani tanks whereas India just lost about 10 tanks,and the Battle ended with Indian Victory and this was one of the most important battle in the war,The Battle also witnesses the Bravery of  Hav. Abdul Hamid who destroyed about 7 tanks in the battle and sacrificed his life and was awarded Param veer Chakra for his bravery.
Battle of Asal uttar

Battle of Basantar-This Battle was one of the most important battle during the 1971 war,the battle was fought from 4 to 11 december 1971 in which 3 infantry divisions, 2 armoured brigades of Indian Army and 3 infantry divisions, 1 armoured division,1 armoured brigade Participated,The war ended by the Victory of Indian Army and India captured 1000 km² of Pakistani territory and destroyed about 66 tanks and captured 20 tanks whereas just lost about 10 tanks.
The battle witnessed lots of Brave Soldiers from both the side-like Martyr Lt. Arun Khetarpal(PVC),Martyr Major Hoshiar Singh(PVC),Martyr  Major Vijay Rattan Chaudhary MVC, Naib Subedar Doraiswamy(VC),Lt. Col. Hanut Singh(MVC) and Brig A S Vaidya(MVC Bar)(Later Brig A S Vaidya Became the COAS of Indian Army and was killed by terrorist in 1986 after retirement).

One of the Pakistani officer Colonel Mohammed Akram Raja was also Honored with Hilal-i-Jurat by Pakistan Government on the basis of Citation written by an Indian Army officer Lieutenant Colonel Ved Airy who was Commanding Officer, 3 Grenadiers, Indian Army during the battle of basantar.


Battle of Longewala-The battle was fought during 1971 war between 120 soldiers of Indian Army who were having 1 Jeep mounted M40 recoilless rifle and 2000 soldiers,1 Mobile Infantry brigade and 45 tanks of the Pakistan Army.
Pakistan Army was heading towards the post of Longewala which was commanded by Maj. Chandpuri,as he detected the Movement of Pakistan Army he contacted the Regiment for reinforcement but Regiment refused for reinforcement for next few hours and Maj was given option to evacuate but Maj refused to do so and opted to fight with the advancing Pakistan soldiers and he planted some anti-tank minefield to stop the enemy tanks…Pakistan army attacked on the Longewala post during the night of 12:30 AM but major and his soldiers were successful to save the post from the enemy and destroyed about 12 tanks,later in the Morning Indian Air Force arrived there and helped the ground forces,and the battles ended with the Victory of Indian Army.
Indian Army lost 2 Soldiers and one jeep mounted recoilless rifle whereas Pakistan Army lost about 200 soldiers,20 tanks and lots of other vehicles.
It’s one of the Battle where Indian Soldiers shown their bravery and Fought with the enemy knowing that the enemy is much stronger and is well equipped.


Battle of Chawinda– Battle of Chawinda was the largest Tank battle between two armies since World War 2,it was fought during the 1965 India-Pak war however the Battle ended without any result as UN passed a resolution and the War ended on the same day and Indian Forces were forced to return back to India as Chawinda was in Pakistan.
The Battle involved 80,000 infantry Soldiers,a tank destroying squadron and about 300 Tanks from Pakistani side and about 1,00,000 Infantry soldiers and 225 Tanks from Indian Side.The Battle started on 7th September when the 1st armoured Division of Indian Army with the support of 14th Infantry and 6th Mountain division seized the border soon it was followed by a short engagement at Jassoran where Pakistan lost 10 Tanks and Indian Army gained full Dominance at Sialkot-Pasrur railway,after realizing the threat Pakistani Army was reinforced by two regimentsfrom 6th Armoured Division from Chhamb to the Sialkot sector to support the Pakistani 7th Infantry Division there with an independent tank destroyer squadron.
The battle between the 1 Armoured division of Indian army and the Pakistani 25th Cavalry Regiment stopped the Indian Advancement but due to the Heavy attack from the Indian Side Pakistani army was pushed back to their bases in Chawinda and Pakistan army adopted a Defensive position their,However Soon Pakistan Army got reinforcement as two independent brigades from Kashmir, 8 Infantry Division, and most crucially, their 1 Armoured Division by which they were able to stop the Indian Attack at Chawinda and stopped Indian army from moving forward,however Indian army attacked once again on 18th september but Indians suffered heavy Casualties and soon Indian army also adopted a Defensive position in Chawinda however the war ended soon as  UN passed a Ceasefire resolution.

However the Battle resulted in loss of 44 tanks from pakistani side and 29 tanks from Indian side and Pakistan lost about 518 square kilometer of area in Chawinda which were returned to pakistan during the  Tashkent Declaration in January 1966.

Battle of Phillora-The Battle was fought during the 1965 war of India-Pakistan,The battle was a tank battle between the army of both countries.
1st Armoured Brigade(16 cav,17 Horse, 4 Horse)62 cav,43 lorried Brigade From the Indian Army and 10 Cavalry(Guides),11 Cavalry,33 TDU,4 Frontier force,14 Para Brigade from Pakistan Army participated in the battle.
The Battle ended with a Decisive Indian Victory in which India Destroyed 66 Enemy Tanks.

Battle at Phillora

Battle at Nathu La in 1967-Nathua La one of the Army Post in Sikkim,As a Daily Routine the day was started by Patrolling from both the sides on 6th September 1967 but soon it changed into an Argument…However Language was one of the problem in this and their was only one Chinese who was a political commissar who was able to speak English,Sentries of both the forces used to stand barely one meter apart in the centre of the Pass which is marked by Nehru Stone,Soon the argument changed into pushing from both the sides and soon a scuffle took place in which Political Commissar fell down and broke his spectacles,and later the Indian Army Authorities decided to de-escalate the situation and therefore it was decided to lay a wire in the centre of the Pass from Nathu La to Sebu La to demarcate the perceived border. This task was to be carried out by the  jawans of 70 Field Company of Engineers assisted by a company of 18 Rajput,The task started on 11th September,soon the Chinese Political Commissar, with a section of Infantry came to the centre of the Pass where Lt. Col Rai Singh, CO 2 Grenadiers was standing with his commando platoon. The Commissar asked Lt Col Rai Singh to stop laying the wire,But CO refused to do so and once again a scuffle started and the political Commissar was roughed up,the chinese Political Commissar went back with his soldier and soon an Sudden firing was started from the chinese bunkers on the Soldiers of Engineers and Rajputs Regiments who were working their,The CO was wounded and the soldiers were caught under fire in open…However two brave officers Capt Dagar(Veer Chakra) of 2 Grenadiers and Major Harbhajan Singh(MVC) of 18 Rajput re-organized the soldiers and charged on the enemy but soon both of the brave officers died in the battle but soldiers kept fighting under the command of Lt. Atar Singh(Later promoted to Captain at the spot for his bravery)…but until now almost 70 Indian soldiers were dead or were wounded as they were caught under fire openly….Until Now chinese have started using Artillery fire on the Indian Posts and in reply as soon the Indian Artillery regiment got the orders to use the Artillery against the Chinese they started shelling…and soon the Chinese bunkers were destroyed and this continued three more days and chinese suffered about 400 casualties in this short skirmish between the countries chinese were losing,therefore they threatened to use Air Force against Indian Army however later it was ended by Cease-Fire…However before this the Chinese have pulled over the Dead Indians Soldiers body on their side during the night to accuse India of violating the Border..Later the dead bodies were exchanged on the 15th September in the Presence of then Lt. Gen. Sam Manekshaw(Eastern Army Commander),Lt Gen Jagjit Aurora(Corps Commander),Maj Gen Sagat Singh(GOC Mountain Division).

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